"Somewhere between grad school and no school lies a more personalized approach to a screenwriting education."

While the UCLA M.F.A. Screenwriting Program was an incredibly rewarding experience and an opportunity to hone the craft, after 10+ years as a writer, director, editor and producer, Hunter believes, for some writers, a more personalized approach to both learning the art of screenwriting, and the development process, would be a better fit.  Reinforced by experience in nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry, Hunter works with beginners and advanced professionals alike, offering both introductory education and comprehensive script development. 

Upon entering the industry, Hunter worked as Neil Simon's writing assistant at The Geffen Playhouse on two plays, one a world premiere. Hunter moved on to work internationally as a writer with NBC Universal's International Formats, has produced award-winning web series/independent content, and has developed and pitched projects to Dreamworks, Paramount, Comedy Central, Adaptive and more.  In 2017 Hunter pitched and sold a one-hour, historical drama series.  Hunter's novel, Animalgeddon, the first in a middle-grade, sci-fi adventure trilogy, was published by Fernweh books in 2016.  Hunter is currently in development on a feature with 42 Productions.  


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personalized screenwriting education

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Why Hunter?

“Hunter and I went to graduate school together and have collaborated on a number of projects. She's extremely knowledgeable about story and structure for both television and film. If you're looking for someone to teach you the craft, or more specifically, help you better understand scene work, I highly recommend her. Not only is she bright and creative, Hunter has an incredible work ethic and truly enjoys collaborating with fellow writers.”

Jonell Lennon

writer, Pretty Little Liars

“Haven't you always wished that you knew what your dog was thinking?  Well, in Hunter Phillips' new action-packed book, Animalgeddon.  That wish comes true, but it gets very messy.  Very messy, indeed!”

Roger Allers,

Oscar nominated director, The Lion King

"Hunter is such a joy to work with. Her personality and professionalism really bring out the best in her actors. Her passion and drive for each project motivate all of those around her to be at the top of their game. I would highly recommend everyone to get off his or her butt and get on the HUNT for a career by working with HUNTER. You see what I did there with her name? That's comedy!!!"

Tony Cavalero, 
actor, , The Righteous Gemstones, Nickelodeon's School of Rock

“In working with Hunter professionally, I assumed that comedy was her strong suit. After  collaborating with her on a few comedic projects, I found her wit to be razor sharp, while providing fresh insight to character and story. Then-- I read her epic drama 'Union Maid' . This rivetting period piece floored me with its accuracy, and the gut wrenching plight of its characters...Hunter can do it all. ”

Mike Cerrone, 
writer, Me Myself & Irene

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