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One-on-one Lessons

from one writer to another

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing one has a phenomenal story to tell, but not being able to get what's in one's brain onto the page. 


Like any professional athlete, a great coach can guide aspiring and elite competitors alike as they put in the hard work, tears and sweat equity necessary to take that final victory lap.  More a coach and collaborator, Hunter combines an M.F.A. from the #1 screenwriting program in the world, an intrinsic appetite for storytelling, and significant experience as a mentor to up-and-coming actors, directors and producers, to help fellow writers hone their craft, master the discipline and find their own, unique screenwriting voice.

Sessions can be arranged locally in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, depending on availability, and remotely via Zoom. Remote and international students must set up a Zoom account and have reliable wifi capabilities.

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